Bike Riders

Bike riding is permitted in grades three through middle school. Extreme caution must be exercised, and helmets worn at all times. Bicycles must be registered and locked for protection. All bike riders must walk their bicycles when on campus.

Walking to School

Students who walk to school are encouraged to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before classes begin. As soon as children are dismissed, they should go directly home. Please take the time to stress safety with your child. Going the safest way to and from school, crossing at stop lights and with crossing guards may mean a longer walk, but will be much safer. Jaywalking will not be tolerated at our school.

Safety Patrol

Selected fifth grade students who show good leadership qualities become Safety Patrol members. They assist children in crossing streets to and from school and enforce safety rules.

Leaving the School Grounds

For the welfare of your child, we ask that you come to the office in person to pick up your child during school hours. Identification will be necessary. Children will not be released to adults not listed on the emergency card.

Be SURE School Rules Poster


S - Safety: Be safe in all places at school - walk, don't run, no horseplay, watch out for others! Follow specific classroom instructions as they are given. Use equipment appropriately and leave your workspace cleaner than you found it!

U - Understanding: Be kind to each other. Be open to the ideas and opinions of others. Speak and act with purpose at all times.

R - Respect: Respect yourself, your classmates, our school, equipment and instructors. Remember, RESPECT is a two way street - you get what you give.

E - Effort: Give everything your best. Come to class prepared. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings, with all required materials. Follow directions the first time.